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Since its founding in 2015, the Area Group, through its subsidiary AREA Management Sdn Bhd, has been at the forefront of pioneering industrial and logistics projects in Malaysia. We have established ourselves as leaders in innovation, with notable achievements including the construction of Malaysia’s first 3-Storey Mega Inner City logistics center in Kuala Lumpur and developing Selangor’s first fully certified Green Industrial Park. Our commitment to sustainable development and our forward-thinking approach have not only enhanced our reputation but also solidified our position as trusted partners for industrial growth in Malaysia. AREA Industrials offers comprehensive services ranging from project planning and design to construction and management, tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. As we continue to explore new frontiers in industrial and logistics development, AREA Industrial is dedicated to driving innovation and supporting the dynamic business landscape in Malaysia.

The Experts

In Logistics and Industrial Development

Specialising In

Logistics Center Development

- Cold Chain Logistic Centers
- Distribution Centers
- Inner City Fulfilment Centers
- Warehouses

Industrial Development

- Managed Industrial Parks
- Built to Suit
- Ready Built SME Factories
- Commercial Developments
- Workers Accommodation

AREA Stats

10 Million sqft Under Development

2 Million sqft Developed

1.2 Million Sqft Leased

Our Services

Integrated Construction Project Solutions

As every project is different, the pre-construction process will vary depending on our client’s needs.

When a project has little to no developmental plans, we help with concept development, feasibility studies and asset assessment, by bringing on a team of architects, engineers, and consultants.

We’ll also perform market research and assist with any re-zoning, permit negotiations and local authority approvals. And, of course, our project managers will ensure the building development is delivered on time and remains within the budget.

Key Services:

– Asset Assessment

– Feasibility Studies

– Concept Development

We’re naturally a collaborative group. Which is why we insist on working with our clients, the architect(s), engineers and any other consultants to ensure we’re delivering the most innovative design solutions.

Whether it’s a design-assist or design-build project, our team’s design solution will be easy for trades to understand, competitively priced and easy to build and maintain.

Key Services:

– Site selection

– Local Authority Approvals

– Design

– Schedules and Costing

– Pre-Construction Operations

We provide qualified project staff and help our clients oversee any sub-trades – all while managing costs and schedules. We also take care of any daily on-site operations as the project’s construction manager.

Key Services:

– Project Initialization and Mobilization

– Project Site Management

– Contract Management

– Quality Control

– HSE Management

– Startup and Assistance

As your project nears completion, AREA will facilitate all the final processes and ensure they are completed in order to hand the building entirely over to the building owner. AREA offers clients property management services to ensure their properties are well looked after years into the future.

Key Services:

– Building Maintenance

– Site Security

– Renovation Works

– Property Management

– Landscaping Services

We are always looking for new ways to add value for our clients. That is why AREA has teamed up with local and international automation and green energy solution providers to provide solutions to help our clients navigate IOT4.0 as well as adapt a more sustainable and eco friendly business.

Key Services:

– Automation & Green Energy Consultancy

– Green Building Certification Consultancy

– Local & Government Authority Approvals

– Facility Security System Design

– Workers Dormitory Design and Construction

Built to Suit (Sell or Lease)

COMPASS takes on the burden of construction of the building and management of a clients development. Developments will be custom built according to a clients specifications. Clients can choose to either purchase the development or lease the development at the end of construction. Typical leases will be for 10 years or more.

Sale and Leaseback

In this case, the client assumes the initial burden of land acquisition, financing liability, and the hiring of the general contractor to plan and construct the building. Upon completion, COMPASS will purchase the building with the single-tenant remaining as the occupant. By doing so, the client gets all their acquisition capital back out of the building to re-invest into business as they see fit.

Custom Industrial Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Whether you’re exploring a build-to-suit option, ready-built development, or seeking expert advice on site development, AREA has you covered. We connect you with a team of trusted consultants, architects, engineers, town planners, and subcontractors, ensuring that you receive the highest quality service tailored to your specific needs.

Our comprehensive approach guarantees expert guidance at every step, making AREA your ideal partner for industrial development.

Project Portfolio

AREA Logistics @ Ampang

KL's First Multi Storey Logistics and Fulfilment Centers

- 15 Minutes to KLCC
- 1.2m sqft nett letable area
- CCC January 2020
- Fully leased Q1 2021

COMPASS @ Kota Seri Langat

Selangor's Premier Managed Industrial Park.

- Banting (Kuala Langat)
- 220 acre Industrial Zone
- Tenure: Freehold,
- GDV: RM 1.6B Development

Rethink, Reinvent, Reposition

Value Add Through Disruption

AREA’s Hybrid Cluster Concept

AREA introduces the Hybrid Industrial Cluster, a cutting-edge concept offering a sustainable competitive edge for businesses. This innovative cluster maximizes plinth area utilization, providing flexibility, efficiency, and a prime investment opportunity in strategic locations.

Ideal for businesses aiming to secure their future and reduce operational costs, this cluster emphasizes sustainability and energy efficiency, enhancing competitive advantage and investment appeal.

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AREA proudly collaborates with top specialists in green energy solutions and industrial automation to offer our clients seamless, comprehensive services that support their sustainability and digital transformation objectives. Through these strategic partnerships, AREA harnesses cutting-edge technologies and practices in automation and ESG compliance, pioneering a new breed of industrial spaces tailored for export-oriented businesses.

Our innovative industrial developments are designed to be both automation-friendly and fully compliant with ESG standards. This enables our clients to satisfy the stringent requirements of their international customers and operate in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner.

AREA is committed to advancing sustainable industrial development by partnering with GREENRE and GBI to secure green certification for our industrial parks and logistics centers. Our developments, both purpose-built and ready-built, are designed with the environment in mind, featuring solar-ready roofs, EV charging stations, LED lighting, recycled materials, and optimal north-south orientation to enhance ESG scores.

This dedication to sustainability and innovation has established AREA as a trusted partner for businesses investing in Malaysia’s industrial and logistics sectors. Our team collaborates closely with clients to tailor solutions that not only meet their unique needs but also promote business growth and success through sustainable practices.

At AREA, we believe that sustainability benefits both the environment and business, offering a significant competitive edge for companies committed to ethical operations and meeting the rising demand for sustainable products and services.

At AREA, we harness the power of data to understand customer preferences and enhance our property development strategies. By innovating beyond traditional design techniques, we create functional, practical, and future-proof property solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

We are committed to standardizing data collection and reporting across all business dimensions—from construction and operations to finance and supply chain—through integrated solutions. This strategy enables swift decision-making, transforms data into actionable insights, minimizes disruptions, and facilitates scalable growth.

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Bring in the best for your next project

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