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COMPASS Industrial Parks

COMPASS Industrial Parks are fully integrated industrial parks aimed at providing designed and built to provide leading Multi National Corporations, local manufacturing and logistics players with the ultimate relocation and consolidation oppurtunities.

Our goal is to reinvent the industrial parks and estates as we know it by turning ordinary industrial products into exciting new facilities that will cater to our clients requirements as they embrace the 4th and 5th industrial revolutions. Coupled with resort like features and excellent amenities, we aim to achieve a new normal in work life balance as we embrace a COVID free world.

A Prestigous Joint Venture


Flexible, Sustainable, Secure & Connected


Offering a wide range of high quality products, modern utilities including gas and highspeed broadband, coupled with a full suite of professional construction services that can be customized to meet any business requirement.


COMPASS has set the goal of achieving compliance with Malaysia’s GREENRE Green Mark certified rating, or their equivalent, for all new projects. Couple that with the introduction of plug and play sustainable building features shows our commitment to achieve our goal of net zero.


Ensuring the safety and security of our clients 24/7 365 days a year, our developments are equipped with by the leading security systems and manned by professional security staff.


Exceeding our clients connectivity requirements with access to major highway networks, vital market accessibility, airports, ports as well as access to an abundant local labour force.

The Future is Now

Industrial Eco-Systems

Components of our parks......

Managed Industrial Parks (MIP)

Guarded SME Precincts

Commercial Areas

Workers Accomodation

Managed Industrial Parks

COMPASS Managed Industrial Parks (MIP) offer the ultimate relocation and consolidation oppurtunites. Our professionally managed sites offer players larger lot sizes ranging from 100,000 to 1million sq ft. Each plot can be tailor built according to our clients specifications. Purchase or lease options at end of construction.

SME Industrial Precincts

COMPASS SME offers a wide selections of light to medium-sized industrial and warehousing units to purchase directly from COMPASS. Consisting our Detached, Semi Detached, Terrace Units and our flagship Cluster Hybrids units, COMPASS SME offers a solution for every business need.

Business & Commercial Areas

Our commercial developments will supplement our industrial park developmentss and will consist of shop lots, food courts, event centers, and a business centers.

Workers Accomodation

Fully equipped workers dormitories only a stones throw from our sites. Facilities include the latest in security and access control technology, food courts, sport courts, a dobi and a clinic. Our MIP and SME precinct tenants will have first refusal on bed space.

Committed to a Sustainable Future

Platform Ready & Flood Protection

All our developments will undergo a comprehensive soil treatment program. Couple that with a world class site wide drainage systems leading to centralised detention ponds, provides for a high level of protection from flood damage and soil settlement issues.

Full Infrastructure Ready

COMPASS commits to offering its clients a full suite of modern utilities including broadband, electricity, gas, sewerage and water.
COMPASS is also committed to its sustainability goals by setting the goal of achieving compliance with Malaysia’s GREENRE Green Mark certified rating, or their equivalent, for all new projects.

Plug & Play Green Building Utilities

COMPASS is also committed to its sustainability goals by taking steps to ensure our building designs are designed to promote future plug and play green technology solutions.

Professionally Managed Parks

To maintain our residents peace of mind, all our developments will be professional managed by leading property managers and security firms.

Our Flagship Projects

COMPASS @ Kota Seri Langat

Banting (Kuala Langat)
220 acre Industrial Zone
RM 1.6B Development

Selangor's Premier Industrial Park

COMPASS @ Kota Seri Langat

COMPASS @ Kota Seri Langat is the first of AREA Groups COMPASS flagship brand of premier industrial and logistics hubs. It is a fully integrated logistics and industrial hub development designed to provide leading international and local manufacturing and logistics players with the ultimate relocation and consolidation opportunity.
Serving the Klang Valley and Beyond
Located in the triangulation between KLIA, Port Klang and Shah Alam with easy access to major highway networks, ports and airports makes COMPASS centrally positioned at the gateway of the fastest growing regions in the Klang Valley. With dedicated interchanges to the West Coast highway and less than a 60 minute HGV drive to the capital Kuala Lumpur, COMPASS @ Kota Seri Langat is ideally placed to  serve the Klang valley and beyond.
Customizable Plot  Sizes

We offer our clients larger plot sizes, ranging from 100,000 sq. ft-1,000,000 sq. ft. Each plot will be custom built to our client’s specification and managed by a dedicated team of architects, professional engineers, project managers and consultants. Finished products can be purchased or leased from COMPASS.

A Seamless Supply Chain

Sitting adjacent to the industrial development is our SME Precinct which offers ready built SME industrial units for sale thus providing a seamless supply chain and increased efficiency in serving the clients in the main park. We offer clients a variety of SME unit designs including Bungalow, Semi Detached and Cluster units ranging from 3,600 sq ft to 50,000 sq feet.

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Development Type

Managed Industrial Park – 170 acres

SME Industrial Precinct – 50 acres


Kota Seri Langat, Kuala Langat, Selangor, Malaysia



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