Sustainability at AREAGroup
Corporate Sustainability

Material Issues Affecting Our Businesses

Security of Property and Personal Information

Building and Maintaining Relationships

Corporate Governance

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Corporate Social Responsibility

Health and Safety

Security and PDPA

Site Security

The physical properties of all the Group’s properties have three levels of security:

  • Level 1: Security of compound / external areas. CCTVs and frequent guard patrolling are in place to detect breaches.
  • Level 2: Security of common areas within buildings. Security measures at this level include CCTVs, Security Access System and frequent guard patrolling.
  • Level 3: Security of areas under the purview of tenants. Individual tenant will have their own security access system to secure their space.


The Property Manager’s data relating to its security system, policies, and procedures are aligned with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA) and our own Information Security Policy to protect customer information and ensure services to tenants are not compromised. 

Building Relationships

Talent Development

The AREA Group is committed to nurture a strong talent pool to drive further growth and create value. This is done by way of supporting training and development of its staff through courses and seminars as well as training through coaching and on the job exposure.

In relation to formal training, the group holds a Capital Markets Service (“CMS”) Licence as governed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. As a CMS Licence holder, the Group needs to maintain high levels of professional expertise through adequate and effective training.

Human Capital Is Our Greatest Resource

Recognising that people are its greatest asset, AREA Group is committed to developing its workforce. AREA Group adheres to fair employment practices and provides equal opportunities to recruitment and career development.

We operate a zero-tolerance attitude towards any discrimination against gender, ethnicity, religion, or age.​

Corporate Governance

The AREA Group has adopted the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance 2017 as its benchmark

We are committed to proper governance and identify rights and responsibilities among different participants in the company and outline the rules and procedures for decision-making, internal control and risk management. Our corporate governance policy is not only concerned with shareholder interests but requires balancing the needs of other stakeholders such as employees, customers, suppliers, society and the communities in which the companies conduct their business.

Anti Corruption Policies

The Area Group has introduced policies in line with the MACC Act approved by Parliament.

The AREA Group believes that effective governance is critical to keeping the organization corruption free.

Environmental Social Governance

The AREA Group believes that ESG is a key cornerstone for all successful  businesses and actively ensures continuous improvements are made on their environmental performance.

Environmental criteria includes our energy use, waste, pollution, natural resource conservation, and Corporate Social Responsibility programs.

In our line of business we are fully aware of issues related to the ownership of contaminated land, its disposal of hazardous waste, the management of toxic emissions, and our  compliance with government environmental regulations.

From the Social criteria standpoint we have a policy to work with suppliers that hold the same values as our own. We also encourage our employees to perform volunteer work by participating in the activities of NGO’s. The Group has always been a strong advocate of corporate social responsibility and believes in giving back to the community-at-large through the support of various social causes.

With regard to governance, we use accurate and transparent accounting methods and our business partners and stakeholders are given an opportunity to engage with us on important issues.r

Each of the Groups projects will be evaluated thoroughly and managed professionally and prudently. The Group has set the goal of achieving compliance with Malaysia’s GBI Green Mark certified rating, or their equivalent, for all new projects.

Based on the concept of operational control, the Group is responsible for monitoring the environmental performance of its on-site offices and common areas in multi-tenanted properties such as corridors, perimeter lighting and centralised building facilities.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The AREA Group has always been a strong advocate of Corporate Social Responsibility, and believes in giving back to the community-at-large through the support of various social causes. Not only do we give back as a company, but many of our employees also volunteer their time at various charities in the klang valley.

Health and Safety

Safety forms an integral aspect of the AREA Group’s operations. The protection of the general public and communities adjacent to their developments are important to the Group’s employees, Group’s tenants, contractors and the communities who use and visit its properties.

They are committed to ensure that all activities are performed with high regards to the prevention of ill health and injury, compliance with legal and other requirements, and the achievement of WSH excellence through the implementation of the following:

  • Mandatory risk assessments prior to start of any work activity
  • Periodic safety awareness training for employees
  • Safety induction courses for new employees
  • Mandatory undertaking of contractors on health and safety management systems
  • Ensuring contractors have CIDB Registration and comply with DOSH requirements, and
  • Information campaigns through posters and visual aids at AREA GROUP’s properties


The committee assigns internal auditors to visit properties periodically to identify safety lapses and share best practices on safety systems and processes. External auditors are engaged to perform independent OHSAS audits annually.


Safety Training

All site staff at the Group’s properties are well trained on safety. There are standard operating procedures in place for all safety situations. In addition, the Property Manager works closely with the local health authorities to identify and remediate hot spots for dengue fever. As per Malaysian legislation, fire drills are conducted twice a year by a fire safety manager appointed for each building.

The Property Manager has a target of achieving zero reportable workplace-related incidents.

COVID 19 Response

At AREA Group, we are committed to ensuring the safety of our employees, suppliers and clients.

We are constantly updating our workplace SOP to ensure we are up to date with the latest Malaysian Ministry of Health and World Health Organization guidelines on COVID-19 prevention measures.

As part of our efforts to combat COVID-19, all visitors, delivery personnel and/or employees to AREA Group places of work will be required to adhere to the following:

  • Our office hours were reduced from 0930 – 1630 (Monday to Friday) for the period of the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO)
  • Wearing of face masks will be mandatory for all personnel. Those without facemasks will be refused entry onto our premises
  • All personnel will undergo a mandatory temperature checks will be performed on arrival
  • Upon arrival to our offices or worksites, please check-in to MySejahtera and AREA Check-In App upon arrival
  • Observe social distancing measures while conducting business
  • Sanitization stations are available at our locations

If an employee suspects or is suspected of displaying symptoms related to COVID-19, that person will be required to seek immediate medical attention and self-quarantine for 7 days.

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