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Investment Prospects of REITs

Investment Prospects of REITs

By Dato Stewart LaBrooy

Today, SGX has 44 REITs with a total market capitalization of S$115 billion (RM356 billion) as of Dec 31, 2021, while Bursa has 18 on its main market with a total market capitalization of RM39.34 bill in the same corresponding period.

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REITs Post-Pandemic

BIZ FM with Dato Stewart LaBrooy

to’ Stewart LaBrooy shares his take on the development of the REIT industry, how the industry has fared during the pandemic, and what the future holds for the different portfolios.

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Finance In Real Life – REIT

By FIRL with Dato Stewart LaBrooy

How do you spot a well-managed REIT?
Are there emerging trends in the REIT industry?

We welcome you to join our chairman YBhg Dato Stewart LaBrooy join in the Finance In Real Life- FIRL podcast where they will be discussing the REITs -Real Estate Investment Trusts. Learn what makes a good REIT, how to invest in one, and what the latest trends are in the Malaysian REIT market

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