Ambition to Action
AREA Plan For a Sustainable Future

Why we're transitioning to a more sustainable model?

Climate Change is Inevitable

And is a fact. It is reshaping the way we do business and will only further drive the reallocation of capital towards more sustainable industries and practices.

Transition = Opportunity

There are risks but also great opportunity.

Transition benefits everyone

We believe a successful and  transition to a  is in the financial interest of both our clients and the economy as a whole. Change is always for the better.

The actions we're taking

We believe that the transition to a sustainable world is the shared responsibility of every citizen, corporation, and government.

Learn about the steps AREA Group is taking in all our developments to mitigate the risks of climate change and help reduce our and our clients carbon footprints as we seek to right the wrongs of the past for the benefit of future generations.

Leading Change

Raising the Bar for Green Industries

AREA Group has partnered with PNBD and KWEST to develop the countries leading Green Industrial Township with the launch of COMPASS Industrial Parks.

Giving our clients a head start

AREA Group has taken steps to ensure all building designs leverage on the demand for a new type of industrial space which is automation friendly and ESG compliant enabling export-oriented Companies to meet the ESG compliance requirements. of their overseas customers.


AREA group is helping its clients achieve their Green Energy and digitization goals via strategic partnerships with leading green energy and automation integrators and consultants.

Engaging the Experts

The Group has set the goal of achieving compliance with Malaysia’s GREENRE Green Mark certified rating, or their equivalent, for all new projects.

Our Partners

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